Macro Base Station ESS

Core Technology - Smart BMS


Synchronized charge & discharge

Gyroscope for antitheft

Multiple scenarios compliant

CAN & 485 dual-channel communication; self- adaptive to different protocols

Core Technology Intelligent BDC

Charging active activation function No need to start manually

Multiple charging and discharging modes Free conversion

BDC charging and discharging autonomously Conversion, switching in 0 seconds

Using BUCK-BOOST technology, it can easily charge and discharge simultaneously with lead-acid and tiered lithium batteries.

Body-molded magnetic component power supply technology ensures 5KW high-density and high-efficiency conversion


Low-voltage smart lithium battery with full capacity covering low-voltage application scenarios

Large-capacity products support medium-voltage and high-voltage application scenarios to meet the needs of diverse energy storage scenarios such as communications, home storage, and industry and commerce.

Specification 4850 48100 48150 48200 48280
Rated voltage 48 48 48/400 51.2 51.2
Batteries 100Ah 100Ah 100Ah 280Ah 280Ah
PACK 1P8S 1P15S 1P24S 1P12S 1P16S
Rated Capacity 2.56kWh 4.8kWh 7.68kWh 10.752kWh 14.336kWh

Smart Energy Cabinet

Intelligent control of energy flow

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