Why COSLINK is the first company to propose and apply the Flexible DC ESS Active Control Technology?

Since the foundation, COSLINK has been committed to solving the ESS life and safety problems that have plagued the industry and devoted itself to reducing the cost of new energy power. COSLINK uses the digital technology, power and electronics technologies, and thermal management technology to develop a series of Active Control energy storage solutions and products. We could say COSLINK is the first company to realize the application of Flexible ESS Active Control Technology on all mainstream voltage levels and has relevant application cases in various industries (including residential energy storage, industrial & commercial energy storage and telecom base station site energy storage).

Why the Flexible DC ESS Active Control Technology can reduce the risk of investment in industrial and commercial parks? of investment in industrial and commercial parks?

An ESS is a heavy asset investment, and stable profit is the premise of the projects carry-out. However, enterprises in these parks generally have high mobility, and their electricity consumption is uncertain. Therefore, adopting flexible control (for example which enterprises load the ESS prioritizes to discharge to and the size of discharging capacity) on the ESS to automatically match customer demand will be a key to create customer value and enhance the investment profits. This technology provides more certainty for the long-term stable profit growth of the ESS and significantly reduces the energy storage systemic risks.

What is Flexible DC ESS Active Control Technology?

The Flexible DC ESS Active Control Technology is an advanced energy management solution that combines features of the flexible DC power distribution technology and ESS Active Control Technology to achieve efficient control and optimal management of electric energy. This technology has significant advantages in industrial and commercial applications:

1. All enterprises in the same business park share one set of ESS to minimize the investment risk;

2. The energy management platform will automatically track the business park’s loads and transformer’s capacity to apply the most optimal strategy.

Through the active control optimizer to execute flexible charging & discharging commands, this technology helps to improve the utilization efficiency of the ESS with extended service life.

Why should we use ESS Active Control Technology in communication equipment rooms?

The ESS Active Control Technology is recommended to be used in communication equipment rooms mainly because it can provide a more flexible, safer and more economical energy storage solution than other ones. This technology allows the ESS to be more adaptive and intelligent and safer than lead-acid batteries products. Customers no need worry about over-charging & over-discharging issues. Meanwhile, it helps to achieve a more flexible & self-adaptive BESS than those based on conventional lithium batteries, relieving customers from manual parameter setting and matching the BESS to different existing power supply devices. And through which, the power supply system operation and maintenance cost can be reduced by 50%. The COSLINK Active Control product can serve as the backup power as well as make profits for customers because of its smart control of charge and discharge, performing peak shaving, and demand-side response capability.

What is ESS Active Control Technology?

The ESS Active Control  Technology is a kind of way to realize intelligent charging/discharging & battery management for energy storage systems/products through the active control optimizer built-in COSLINK smart lithium batteries. Such ESS active control is highly adaptive and intelligent, which can optimize the electrical characteristics of the battery module and enhance the automatic management capability of the ESS. COSLINK ESS Active Control is designed to provide customers with improved product safety by using safer battery materials (such as LFP cells) as well as supporting various real-time alarms and protection functions. In addition, such a system has a built-in DC switch to isolate the battery and the inverter, and in joint use of the fire proof module, to improve the systems safety performance.

What is the capacity of your energy storage system?

Our energy storage system has a capacity from 5 kWh to 20 kWh. At the same time, the system supports up to 32 parallel connection.

What is the lifespan of your energy storage system?

Our energy storage system has an expected lifespan of 10 years.

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